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Is your video operation generating the positive revenue stream you are counting on? Are you experiencing churn, losing customers to a competitor? Why are customers leaving for the competition, lack of DVRs,programming choices, video quality or lack of HD content? If you’re facing any of these challenges then the TVS Challenger system is the solution for you.

The Challenger system was designed specifically to arm operators with the right technology and tools to create a win-win situation.A win for you by creating more revenue generating opportunities

Featured Product

TVS STB-9000 Multi-Room Client-Server with
Networking Program Sharing PVR with Network Support

The TVS Model 9000 is a feature rich, high-definition Hybrid Multi-Room, Client-Server PVR with Networking Set Top Box. The hardware and software was designed by TVS in the US.  Read More

  • Phil Shockley, President , Coaxial Properties Inc

    “TVS was an excellent choice for us — great technology, priced right, and a real ‘can do’ attitude that set them apart from the big guys. There were a number of positive things that made our decision easy, starting with the fact that TVS is based on open system standards, meaning I have a wide choice of set-top box manufacturers to choose from which keeps our costs way down. I like the fact TVS understands my business and is extremely responsive to all my calls and questions.”

  • Brian Yong, MovieStar Guyana

    “We started knowing nothing about the cable business much less about digital wireless. The team at TVS held our hands from day one. The MUX's work seamlessly with amazing picture and sound quality, the STB's work well and are inexpensive. We highly recommend the TVS equipment, team and services. We asked a lot from TVS and got much more.”

  • Chris Lovell, Coaxial Cable

    “In addition to being highly affordable, the TVS solution allows us to control our own destiny by not having to rely on third parties to package and provision content”

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